Bridge Business

Kurushima-kaikyo No.3 Bridge

Kurushima-kaikyo No.3 Bridge (Bridge Length: 1,570m)

New Bridge Markets

As the leading company in the steel bridge business in Japan, we have been involved in design, fabrication and erection of steel bridge projects using the expertise and resources gained in our 100 year history.

Takashima Hizen Bridge

Takashima Hizen Bridge (Bridge Length: 840m)

Overseas Markets

We have been involved in bridge projects in a number of East and Southeast Asia countries. We opened offices in several countries and established a global network with partner companies.

Hti Gyaing Bridge

Hti Gyaing Bridge (Myanmar, Bridge Length: 1,800m)

Bridge Retrofit Market

We have been involved in a number of projects to maintain, repair and retrofit existing structures in various countries, which has helped to sustain and keep the infrastructure in good shape.

Onikuma Bridge Maintenance Work

Onikuma Bridge Maintenance Work

Katsushika Harp Bridge

Katsushika Harp Bridge (Seismic retrofit)